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We welcome tours to our shelter. Our staff feels it is important for children and adults to learn about our success and the work it takes to be a success. Tours last 25-30 minutes. You will be able to learn about our shelter and visit the adoptable cat rooms and the dog kennels. We are open from 12-5 Monday through Friday. We are closed on weekends. To schedule a tour, please send an email to

In following with our procedures and operation the following limitations are necessary:

  • Tour groups are limited to 12 adults and/or children due to the size of our rooms. Strollers for the very young are not permitted. We have these rules for three reasons. First, we just do not have the room. Every available spaced is used for our mission. Second, the dogs may become over excited with too many visitors in the adoption area. Third, we do not want to interfere with customers wanting to view the dogs and/or cats.

  • Members of the tour are not allowed to handle or pet animals except our ambassador dog, if available. 

  • The shelter is cleaned every morning; even on holidays and during snowstorms. Therefore, we are unable accommodate a tour in the morning.

  • Even though we are open to 5 PM on weekdays, all tours must begin no later than 4:00 to allow our staff to start the closing procedure for the evening.

  • Tours for pre-school children are difficult. Due to the noise our dogs make, the children can become frightened of dogs. We do not want the young people to have a negative experience. We can schedule a visit to your pre-school to meet the children, read an appropriate book, and bring our ambassador dog who loves people of all ages.

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