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Pets for Vets provides discounted cat and dog adoption services to local area veterans through the CVHS shelter. Pet for Vets is made possible thanks to our generous donors. Through this program, U.S. veterans can adopt an adult cat or dog for half off the normal adoption fee and 25% off dog training classes. CVHS normal adoption process still applies. Puppies (under 6 months) and kittens (under 6 months) are not eligible for this program. 


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Dog Adoptions

All dog adoption fees includes:

  • heartworm test

  • age-appropriate vaccinations

  • deparasitizing (external and internal)

  • grooming (if needed)

  • microchip

  • required spay or neuter surgery.​

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Cat Adoptions


All cat adoption fees include:

  • age-appropriate vaccinations

  • required spay or neuter surgery

  • deparasitzing (external and internal)

  • feline leukemia test

  • grooming (if needed)

  • microchip.

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According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, “Owning an animal can lift your mood or help you feel less stressed. Pets can help people feel better by providing companionship. All pet owners, including those who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can experience these benefits.” Additionally, pets help to keep owners active and involved in the outdoors, another important factor that increases well- being of veterans.


Veterans can provide great lives for pets and often have the strong discipline from their service that helps to create tight bonds between owners and pets. We are glad that not only will we be able to thank them for their service with this program, but cats and dogs will also be able to find quality homes. The Pets for Vets program will also aid in CVHS’s goal to place more animals in permanent homes.


Local veterans will be able to apply for the program by contacting CVHS by phone or in person. To qualify, applicants must meet CVHS’s normal adoption criteria (housing, activity level, etc.) and be able to provide a current or retired military ID or written records.


If you would like to support programs like Pets for Vets, you may donate to CVHS online or via mail at:


Cedar Valley Humane Society
7411 Mt Vernon Road SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403


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