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Do you know an senior who has lost a spouse or just can’t get out like he or she used to? Perhaps they would enjoy the company of a cat!

The Cedar Valley Humane Society’s Cat Companions for Seniors program provides a FREE adult cat to seniors who would benefit from the company of a feline friend.

So there’s no reason to be home alone any longer–plenty of feline friends await!

To learn more about the Cat Companions for Seniors program, contact the Cedar Valley Humane Society at (319) 362-6288.

How the program works: they come in and meet a cat and fall in love. They have to fill out an application and be approved, just like a regular adopter. If approved, they may take their cat home! (Can be done all in one day if there is no landlord to contact or if our staff has no further questions.) ​Individuals 65 and older can adopt an adult cat (6+ months) for no fee. 

All cats have:

  • received age-appropriate vaccinations

  • been spayed or neutered

  • been deparasitized

  • been tested for feline leukemia

  • been microchipped

If you would like to support this program or programs like Cat Companions, you may donate to CVHS online or via mail at:

Cedar Valley Humane Society
7411 Mt Vernon Road SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403


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