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There is nothing as terrifying as the thought of a lost or missing pet. No matter how diligent, most pet guardians will find themselves faced with a missing pet at some point in their lives. Guardians who take immediate action have a greater chance of locating their missing pet.



File a LOST report. Contact the Cedar Valley Humane Society at 319-362-6288, or click here to fill out a lost report form, and call Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control at 319-286-5993 to let us know you have a lost pet. We are independent agencies and a report must be filed with both agencies. Be prepared to accurately describe your pet. Follow-up this verbal report with a visit to both agencies. Ask to tour each facility to personally view all the animals in their care.

Advise your local law enforcement agency of your missing pet. CVHS works closely with local law enforcement agencies, but they will only know you are missing your pet if you tell them.

Spread the word and search. Don’t be shy – get the word out. Post fliers throughout your neighborhood, be sure to include your phone number(s) and pets name. Talk to neighbors, businesses in the community, delivery people, and mail carriers. The more people who are aware of the situation, the more people will be able to help you find your missing pet.

Use online resources. post pictures to lost and found groups, Craigslist, Nextdoor, and on social media.

Notify your veterinarian and microchip company. Let them know your pet is missing, and confirm they have current contact information for you.

Encourage your pet to return home. Place high-value food near doors that they have gone in and out of. If possible, keep windows open so you can hear your pet’s cries if they return.


The owner of the pet you found may already be looking for them. Here’s how to help them find their way home.


Check for ID. If there’s an ID tag, contact the owner immediately. If there’s no ID tag, take the animal to a local veterinary office, law enforcement agency or animal shelter to be scanned for a microchip.

File a FOUND report. Contact Cedar Valley Humane Society at 319-362-6288 and Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control at 319-286-5993 to let us know an animal has been found. We are independent agencies – a report must be filed with both agencies. If after hours please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Notify your local law enforcement agency. Check the list at right to determine which agency to call. If you think you live in an area without animal control services, call (319) 362-6288 to see if you are in the CVHS service area.

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who to contact


Cedar Valley Humane Society:


Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control: 319-286-5993

Linn County: 319-892-6100

Benton County: 319-472-2337

Cedar Rapids: 319-286-5491

Hiawatha: 319-393-1212

Johnson County: 319-356-5295

Lisbon: 319-455-2459, 319-455-2452

Marion: 319-377-1511

Mt. Vernon: 319-895-6141

North Liberty:

319-626-5700, 319-356-6800

Robins: 319-366-5055

Urbana: 319-443-2780

Vinton: 319-472-2321

create A flyer


Click below to create a printable flyer for a lost or found pet to help find their owner.

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