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Are you part of Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control?

No. We are separate organizations with different goals and objectives. Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control provides animal control services for Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control is funded by city tax revenues.

The Cedar Valley Humane Society is a private nonprofit animal shelter. We are responsible for animal control services in unincorporated Linn County and its municipalities, with the exception of Cedar Rapids. We also provide animal control services for unincorporated Benton County (dogs only), North Liberty, Swisher, Tiffin, Shueyville, Oxford, Walford, Solon, Atkins, Shellsburg, and Urbana. The Cedar Valley Humane Society is funded solely by donations, adoptions, and the services we provide.


How are you funded?

The majority of funding for the Cedar Valley Humane Society comes from donations. Though we occasionally receive estate gifts and large memorial gifts, the average donation is $25. Other sources of income include adoption fees, service fees, and grants.

How long do you hold a stray animal before deciding whether or not to put it up for adoption?

County code requires all stray animals be held three business days before transfer of ownership occurs. After three days, dogs, cats and critters are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What are some of the criteria involved in evaluating an animal’s adoptability?

Behavior, health, compatibility with other animals, children, etc.

What does the adoption fee include?

Feline leukemia test (cats), heartworm test (dogs), age-appropriate vaccinations, deparisitizing (external and internal), and the required spay or neuter surgery.

How long does the CVHS keep animals?

The CVHS has no set time limit for keeping animals as long as an animal is safe and not suffering. An animal will stay in our care for as long as it take to find them a home.

What are other fees or prices?

Surrender fees for animals from:

Cedar Rapids  – $100

Unincorporated Linn County – $50

Unincorporated Benton County – $50

Contracted municipalities in Linn, Johnson, and Benton Counties – $50

Is the CVHS an open admission shelter?

Yes, the CVHS is an open admission shelter. That means we never turn away an animal in need when space is available. We never euthanize animals because they’ve “been at the shelter for too long” or similar reasons. We also work hard alongside behaviorists and rescue groups to place animals that other shelters might deem “unadoptable.”

We accept and provide sanctuary to any animal that comes through our doors. When pets have nowhere else to go, we offer them a bed, food and water, clean kennels, medical care, and love.

Does the CVHS send pets that are not adopted to research?

No, the CVHS has never sent pets for research and will not in the future.

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