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estimated completion time: 1 hour = 12 Kongs

Kong stuffers are used for our dog friends as kennel enrichment items.
Once the dogs finish their Kongs, they are donated to our behavior team
for kennel enrichment.



  • Various sizes of dog Kongs

  • A variety of snacks and goodies

  • Popsicle sticks



  1. Mix up ingredients in a large bowl.

  2. At the thick end of each Kong, use the popsicle stick to stuff mixture of food inside.

  3. Once filled, freeze overnight. Deliver to shelter after frozen overnight.


Kong Recipes

Banana Yogurt: plain yogurt and mashed bananas (you can also add a little peanut butter)

PB and Cheerios: combine cheerios and peanut butter

Chunky Monkey: combine peanut butter, a banana, and a handful of dry dog food

Chicken Dinner: combine a can of low-sodium chicken and plain white rice (cooked)

Apples and Bananas: mash half a banana and mix in applesauce

Kong Stuffers


estimated completion time: 1 hour = 20 sunshine toys


  • Empty cardboard toilet paper roll

  • Scissors



  1. Cut the ends of each end of the roll,

  2. creating tabs.

  3. Fold tabs back, creating a “sunshine” look.

sunshine toy_web.jpg


estimated completion time: 1 hour = 20 straw toys


  • Empty cardboard toilet paper roll

  • Straws

  • A pen



  1. Use the pen to make 8 holes throughout the toilet paper roll.

  2. Place straws through holes, going from one side of the roll to the other.

straw toy_web.jpg
Interactive Treat Dispenser_web.png


estimated completion time: 1 hour = 6 interactive treat toys



  • 12-inch length of 1 ¼ - inch PVC pipe

  • 2 – 1 ¼ -inch PVC caps

  • Drill

  • ½ - ¾ inch drill bit

  • sandpaper



  1. Drill 6 to 10 holes into the PVC pipe with drill bit, they can be spaced out wherever you would like and can be on either side of pipe.

  2. Using sandpaper, sand rough edges of holes made by drill bit.

  3. Clean inside and out of PVC pipe until all dust from drilling is gone.

  4. Place caps on each end of PVC pipe.


estimated completion time: 1 hour = 6 Hidey Boxes


  • 12x12x12 Box

  • Box cutter

  • Non-toxic markers or colored pencils



  1. Select a box approximately 12“x12“x12“ (you‘ll find these in the mailing section of most big box stores, some will even provide them for free).

  2. Using a box cutter (make sure you ask for a grownup‘s help with this), cut out a large hole in one side of the box.

  3. If you wish, decorate the box with a special message or pictures (make sure to use only non-toxic markers or colored pencils). Please avoid using: glue, paper, string, tape or yarn.

Cat Hidey Boxes_web.jpg


estimated completion time: 1 hour = 20 ring ball toys


  • Empty cardboard

  • Toilet paper rolls

  • Scissors

  • Cat treats

  • (optional, but highly recommended!)



  1. Mark 4, ¼-inch (or finger width marks on the side of the cardboard roll.

  2. Use the scissors to cut each ring.

  3. Insert the first ring into the second ring, then continue with the third and fourth, until you have formed a ball.

Ring Ball Toy_web.png


estimated completion time: 1 hour = 6 braided cat toys


These toys provide a fun distraction for our cats. When attached to the kennel front door, they are also a great way for visitors to engage with our cats and provide some interactive fun. They‘re easily made from scrap fleece that can sometimes be obtained from your local fabric shop for discounted rates or even free!



  • Fleece Fabric

  • Scissors



  1. Select 3 pieces of fleece (approximately 1“ wide and 18“-24“ in length).

  2. Gather the pieces and tie a knot at the top.

  3. Braid the fleece until you have approximately 2“ left.

  4. Knot the end of the pieces.

Braided Cat Toy_web.png


Cat Tales - Cedar Valley Humane Society invites children of all ages to come read to the cats at the shelter. Cat Tales provides a fun way for children to practice their reading skills in a non-judgmental environment while providing socialization and human interaction for shelter animals. Children are more than welcome to bring a favorite book of their own or choose a book from the shelter’s collection. A parent or guardian is expected to be present with a reader for the entirety of each reading session.


No registration is required. CVHS is open Monday – Friday 12:00pm-7:00pm and Saturday 12:00pm-5:00pm.
Questions? Please email: or call us at 319-362-6288



Bake Sale

Everybody loves a sweet treat and it’s even better when the proceeds go towards a great cause. Ask friends, family, and even local businesses to donate baked goods.


Car Wash

Organize a car wash. Ask a local business to donate their parking lot, access to water, and hoses. Post ads all over town and spread the word to corporations in the area to ask for donations to purchase car washing supplies.


Yard Sale

Gather the things you want to sell and ask your friends and family to donate their items as well! Post flyers around the community a couple days before the event to attract interest buyers.


Lemonade Stand

Create an eye-catching sign to attract more buyers, collect cups, lemonade, and ice and you are ready to go!

Donation Drive

Whether purchasing goods or donating items, you are making a difference in the life of a homeless

animal. Every time you make a donation you are helping provide food, shelter and medical care for our pets and making hope and second chances possible! An item drive is a great way to involve the community you are in.


  • Cat Supplies

  • Dog Supplies

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Medical Equipment & Supplies

  • Office Supplies

For a complete list of items the shelter is in need of please click amazon wish list.

Cedar Valley Humane Society Amazon Wish List
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