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Please consider helping Sully

When CVHS was first called to assist with the rescue of an abandoned animal, we didn't know what to expect. Trapped inside a confined crate was a young dog that had been starving without food or water for an unknown amount of time. He had been living in his own excrement, barely able to move in the small space. We quickly rushed him back to the shelter where he was given the name “Sully”. He had skin sores from the filth and the fur on his stomach and legs are STILL stained from the feces and urine - even after multiple baths.

We will never understand how people can do this to animals. Especially a dog as sweet and loving as Sully. Even though he was little more than a walking skeleton, the first thing he wanted when he was released from his crate, even more than food or water, was the comforting touch and love of our shelter staff.

His health will continue to be monitored and he is beginning a dietary and fluid regimen to start his journey of returning to a healthy weight. He will need multiple visits with veterinarians to ensure that no further medical complications have come from his previous neglect and abuse. If you are able, please consider donating to help with Sully’s medical bills.

Sully drinking.jpg
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